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Essential info

Free Wi-Fi / Prepaid SIM card
The number of shops and facilities where you can use Free Wi-Fi are increasing in Hamamatsu. This is a list of the main tourist facilities, public areas, and spaces similar to public places where you can use free Wi-Fi and services.

Yamaguchi Heart International Clinic
Our clinic is also open on weekends, and can cater to Japanese and international patients.

Hamamatsu Tourists Information Center
At Hamamatsu Tourists Information Center, which is located inside of JR Hamamatsu station, you can get a lot of tourism information about Hamamatsu city and the western

Useful information for foreign residents
This collection of links can help you gather useful information about living in Hamamatsu city.

Where is Hamamatsu?
Hamamatsu-city has a population of 810,000 people with 30,000 registered foreig

Weather in Hamamatsu
The average annual temperature is 16 degrees C which is 60 degrees f.

Water/Time Difference/Voltage
Tap water is drinkable and monitored. Hamamatsu’s

Public transport in Hamamatsu
Hamamatsu Station is the station for the Tokaido Shinkansen and the Tokaido Main Line. Shin-Hamamatsu Station

Hamamatsu station, the center of town
Hamamatsu station is the main station of Hamamatsu, where the Tokaido Shinkansen and the Tokaido line both meet.

Foreign currency exchange in Hamamatsu
In main bank counters, exchanges from foreign

Hamamatsu's area code is (053). If you are calling outside of Hamamatsu City,

Hamamatsu Postal Services
Post offices in Japan are identified with a 〒 symbol. Post boxes are red and marked with the same 〒 symbol

Shopping in Hamamatsu
We introduce the shopping spot that sells anything in convenience of Hamamatsu.

Halal Cuisine
You can eat halal food right here in Hamamatsu. A must-see for Muslim people living in Hamamatsu, or who have plans to visit Hamamatsu!

Lake is Ko in the Japanese language and Hamana lake is the tenth largest in Japan.

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