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HAMANAKO RAIL PASS is very convenient for the people who need access from/to Centrair airport. This three-day pass for travelers includes a one way airport bus ride by Airport Bus,

You can have unlimited rides for two days on designated public transportations, Lake Hamana sightseeing cruiser,

Japan Strawberry picking
From January to around May, you can enjoy strawberry picking around Lake Hamana

Japan Oyster shacks around Lake Hamana
There are oyster shacks that are open from January through March around Hamanako, where you can taste grilled Lake Hamana oysters as well.

Darumaichi (Daruma Market)
Daruma is a tumbling doll from South India, a figurine toy (okimono) imitating the famous Zen Buddhism founder monk making

The Torii and the Sunset of Benten-jima
On Benten Island, Lake Hamana, located in Maisaka in the Nishi Ward of Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, is a red 18m torii, floating on the surface of the lake.

Lake Hamana Oysters
Lake Hamana in Hamamatsu City is famous for its farming of unagi freshwater eels, but in fact, it has a longer history of oyster cultivation,

Hina doll exhibition
In Japan, March 3rd is the Doll Festival when families celebrate the healthy development of young girls (also called peach festival).

Hamamatsu GANKO Festival
Ganko-Matsuri gets its name from its burning passion to be the best Matsuri from Hamamatsu. Come and feel the heat!

Famous Spots for Flowers
There are numerous spots that are famous for flowers in Hamamatsu and the area around Hamamatsu, thanks in part to the region's warm climate.

Strolling in the town of Enshu Yokosuka
Enshu Yokosuka district, which is located in the south part of Kakegawa city, in the Shizuoka prefecture, is a neighborhood of old streets filled with houses that hark

Kanazanji Onsen-area
Kanzanji is a sight-seeing area rich in nature surrounded by a lake and mountains, and is positioned on the north bank of Lake Hamana in Hamamatsu,

Japan Souvenirs From Hamamatsu Part1
We have carefully selected a range of souvenirs which we would recommend buying to anybody coming to visit Hamamatsu City.

Japana Souvenirs From Hamamatsu Part 2
These are miniature versions of the large kits flown at the Hamamatsu Festival. These kites are skillfully made by traditional kite makers despite their small size.

Japan Souvenirs From Hamamatsu Part 3
In Japan, even if you only walk for a little while you’ll soon come across a convenience store(conveni). You can see them from the vicinity of Hamamatsu Station to almost anywhere else in Hamamatsu City

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