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Hunter and Gatherer Organic life bus tour Tea Gibier Venison
We are looking for participants of "Organic Life Tour" that will be held on Saturday May 27th.

HAMANAKO RAIL PASS is very convenient for the people who need access from/to Centrair airport. This three-day pass for travelers includes a one way airport bus ride by Airport Bus,

You can have unlimited rides for two days on designated public transportations, Lake Hamana sightseeing cruiser,

The firefly watching
Fireflies are the symbol that reminds everyone of early summer in Japan, and firefly watching is one of the popular pastimes for Japanese people from old times.

Enshu Hamakita flying dragon festival
At Nakaseryokuchi site, the flying dragon which is a symbol of the festival flies up to the sky and turns into a flying dragon Niagara firework as the finale to get the audience excited.

Kanzanji Sun Beach seine fishing events
Kanzanji is located on the eastern bank of Lake Hamana on the western edge of Hamamatsu city and is a well-known hot spring district. However, to the north o

Taiga drama
Taiga drama is broadcasted not only in Japan but also overseas, and many fans visit to the area which became the scene of the drama.

Maisaka Enbai Morning Market
A morning market that opens only on the third Saturday from May to August every year.

Japanese tea culture and tea plantations
Shizuoka prefecture is famous for its production of green tea. We have the best quality and amount of tea in Japan, so t

Japan Food Experience Unagi Kabayaki
you can skewer Hamamatsu famous Unagi by yourself, dip in sauce, roast, and eat fresh

Take a break and explore the lake with a local
The Lake Hamana Service Area is one of popular service areas in Japan and is located at the midpoint between Tokyo and Osaka. This is the only place in Japan where you can enjoy

Lake Hamana Flower Festa 2017
Around Lake Hamana and its environs that have a warm climate and it is known as a place of seasonal flowers to be proud of throughout the year.

Entetsu Highway Bus e-LineR
For trips from Hamamatsu, located along the Tomei Expressway, to neighboring cities, going by highway bus is one convenient method. If you have the time to spare, you can reach your destination while sitting in a comfortable seat, which is cheaper than go

Japan Blueberry Picking
From June to August, you can enjoy blueberry picking in Hamamatsu. Since you pick them by yourself,

Hamamatsu⇔Centrair Airport Bus e-wing
Comfortable transportation with no transfers, Japan's buses are clean.

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