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Factory Tour

Meijiya Shoyu
Meijiya Shoyu was established in the 8th year of the Meiji era (1875), and its technique has been closely protected as it has passed down the generations of this family run company.

A tour of a harmonica workshop
Showa Gakki is a harmonica maker, established in 1947. It produces harmonicas handmade in single piece batches.

Honda transmission factory tour
These transmissions are provided to Honda factories in America and Europe as well as Japan. You can observe the process of parts being cre

YAMAHA piano factory tour
If you visit YAHAMA factory in Kakegawa, which is one of the most famous music instrument companies in Japan and started in Hamamatsu city,

Shizuoka Rofu
Shizuoka Rofu’s Washi (Japanese paper) Towel Shabu-shabu Experience workshop is in Murakushi-cho, Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu.

Torii Sauce
The main ingredients found in Japanese sauces are fruits, vegetables, and spices, Torii is very particular about these basic ingredients and they also do most of the work by hand.

Unagi Pie Factory
Shunkado “Unagi Pie”, known throughout Japan, is an eel-flavored confection that is a symbol of Hamamatsu.

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