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Kanzanji Sago Royal Hotel
Sago Royal Hotel is a Japanese inn at a hot-spring resort surrounded by Mt. Kanzan that has Kanzanji temple, the origin of the name “Kanzanji Onsen”.

Sansuikan Kinryu
Sansuikan Ryukin started as the restaurant “Mikawa-ya” in 1910 (Meiji 43) and opened a kappo-ryotei (fancy restaurant serving mainly Japanese cuisine) “Sansuiro” in 1919 (Taisho 8),

Hotel Kokonoe
Hotel Kokonoe is a pure Japanese style ryokan which not only has the best location with the most spectacular views of Lake Hamana, but they also serve great quality food, and offer superb services and onsen for guests.

A hundred views of the lake Hamanako Kanzanjisou
Hamanako Kanzanjisou is located on the top of Okusa Mountain which is 110 meters high and is on the other side of Kanzanji hot spring resort on the Lake Hamana coast.

Hamanako Royal Hotel
Hamanako Royal Hotel is a resort hotel that's located on the east side of Lake Hamana and you can enjoy the lake view from all rooms.

Hotel list in Hamamatsu
Hamamatsu Station area / Hamanako area / Benten , Yuto area / Mikkabi area

Ryokan Nakaya
Ryokan Nakaya is a traditional Japanese style hotel. Located adjacent to Lake Hamana in Hamamatsu city of Shizuoka prefecture, the beautiful scenery of the lake is visible from every guest room.

Hamanako Grand Hotel Sazanami-Kan
Sazanami-Kan at the Hamanako Grand Hotel is a traditional Japanese inn featuring a hot spring—the Kanzanji onsen,

Hotel Meijiya
Hotel Meijiya, a short fifteen minute walk from Hamamatsu Station, is a business hotel with an at-home feel. Waiting to greet you as your home away from home,

Hamanako Kanzanji Onsen, Tokiwasure Kaikatei
Not only can you enjoy our six different kinds of baths, and dishes prepared using Lake Hamana’s seasonal ingredients, but when you arrive you will be treated with our welcome drink service, and kindly greeted with the seasonal flowers arranged by the han

The Kikusui-tei is located on the east side of Lake Hamamatsu which spreads out over the western end of Hamamatsu City.

Hotel Wellseason Hamanako
Hotel Wellseason Hamanako is a hot spring resort hotel located at the Kanzanji Onsen on the shores of Hamana Lake in western Hamamatsu City.

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